Sunday, 12 February 2017

Slip Disc Treatment – A Correct Diagnose Is Essential To Start The Treatment!

In several cases, patients suffering from weakness of the lower extremity muscles, back pain or leg pain are often diagnosed with a condition known as slipped disc. Also known as herniated disc, it can adversely affect your daily activities. If someone you know is suffering disc herniation then you might think that surgery is the best Slip Disc Treatment Atlanta option available. Hang on, even before spine surgeon recommends the treatment plan, it is important to make sure that the correct diagnosis is done. There are several non-surgical treatment options available. Choosing the combination of the best treatment options depends entirely on the causes of the disc herniation.

It is important to know that slip disc occurs when the cushions located between the spinal vertebrae is pushed outside its actual or normal position. Also known prolapsed disc, it can be excruciating a condition. It can happen to any person, irrespective of the age. Thus, a correct diagnosis holds a great importance to determine the most effective of the treatment.

A herniated or slipped disc down in the lumbar spine can place pressure on one or more than one spinal nerve roots that make a sciatic nerve. This, in turn, might cause the brain to interpret the pain anywhere from the lower back radiating all the way down to the leg in the foot or calf.

There are different symptoms of this condition. The best way to get the most effective and right treatment is by simply look for an experienced and renowned spinal surgeon. In most cases, a spine surgeon initiates the treatment with non-operative techniques. There are several non-invasive methods to help reduce and alleviate the pain, discomfort, numbness and swelling triggering from this condition. It is only as a last resort that the surgeon recommends Spinal Fusion Surgery Atlanta.

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